Healthcare kiosks can help you better manage the bottom line, allow you to allocate human resources to the most strategic and critical tasks, and protect your most important investments. From optimizing patient check-in and payments to improving the patient experience, Unibox’s healthcare kiosks can help facilities of all sizes take their care to the next level.

Benefits of our Health Care Kiosk

  • Improve office efficiency
  • Increase revenue
  • Improve patient follow-through and health outcomes
  • Reduce missed appointments and cancelations
  • Enhance the patient check-in and experience
  • Maintain a safe work/business environment

Most Common Kiosk Uses

  • Patient Check-in and Registration
  • Update personal data, scan and record insurance and ID cards
  • Fill out and update patient forms
  • Bill Collection
  • Patient Portal access to review tests and past visits
  • Wayfinding, maps, directions, and general information